Often coveted for its views, floorplan and space, a fully decorated show home could be the perfect ready-made home.

Usually the show home is the property everyone wants to buy but the last one the developer wants to sell, as it is such a powerful marketing tool.

Smitten buyers sometimes succeed, and good luck to them: more often than not the show home is the development’s best property in terms of space, floorplan and view.

As well as getting an individually designed home ready to move into, the buyer may get extra fixtures and fittings such as a spectacular one-off chandelier — or even a commissioned piece of art at a discounted price.

Show homes tend to reflect the mood of the times and the state of the property market. “Indulgent luxury” and “ultra-glam” were strong design themes up until last year, but today there is a move towards domesticity and warming comfort.

However, a counter reaction is bringing back the decadent Twenties cabaret and burlesque styles, says the British Interior Design Association.

And with eco-friendly matters uppermost, also look out for the innovative use of recycled and re-formed materials such as linoleum and concrete.

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