Selling your house is often the gateway to a bigger property, a new chapter or a lifestyle change. We’re here to make that sale happen and these house selling tips will get you off to a flying start:-

Discover your home’s value –

There are some great instant valuation tools online which will give you a rough idea of what you home is worth but for a really accurate figure, invite one of our team to value your home in person.

Choose your estate agent –

we recommend selecting an agent with a strong reputation and visible presence in your area, as they will attract the most buyers. You’ll also want an agent you feel comfortable with, so follow the traditional route of inviting three to your property to see how you get on.

Buying at the same time? –

If you’re on the hunt for another property, let us know as we have hundreds of houses and flats for sale. You never know, we might already be marketing your dream home.

Property promotion starts now –

Although Rightmove, Zoopla and our own website are great places to list your property, some of our best sales occur offline. Our printed materials, window displays and telephone conversations often get better results that online activity alone.

Invite them in –

Expect viewings soon after your home is marketed so plump those pillows and be ready to welcome potential buyers. Our staff can accompany any viewing to put you at ease.

Offers that stack up –

Did you know the highest offer isn’t always the best one? We’ll ensure the offers we put forward not only realise your home’s true worth but also come from serious buyers in a position to proceed with the purchase.

All change –

Selling a property means somebody new will be the legal owner. Only a conveyancing solicitor can oversee the transfer and we’d be happy to recommend a legal representative.

Contracts & exchange –

Your solicitor will ask you to sign a contract that’s actually physically exchanged with the buyer’s solicitor. Exchange is also the point when your buyer pays their deposit.

Completion –

It’s the end of an era and the start of another property journey. We’ll let you know when your buyer’s mortgage funds have cleared in your solicitor’s account so you can drop the keys off to our branch ready for the new owner to collect.