Land is a valuable asset and with a shortage of homes in London and the South East, every parcel and plot has potential. Quite often home and landowners are unaware they could help ease the housing shortfall and realise the full value of their asset in the process. What they need is expert advice and that’s where we’re here to help.

Identifying potential on your behalf

Our land and planning department is primed to spot possibilities and unlock hidden value, recognising where land could be better utilised and plot size maximised. We see the potential for an additional dwelling in an unusually generous garden and can visualise where much-needed starter homes could replace a disused brownfield site.

Find out for free with a no-cost appraisal

If you’re not sure whether your property or land qualifies for redevelopment, please request a free, without risk or obligation appraisal. We’ll discuss the type of property or plot you own and what could be feasible during a no-pressure, one-to-one visit. Our valuation will follow and it could accelerate your onwards plans.

What happens next?

If you would like to sell your home or land for redevelopment purposes, you will enter into a contract with Cameron Land and Planning instead of selling to a member of the public. Together we’ll agree a purchase price that is usually for a higher figure than if you sold via the traditional route on the open residential market.

Will you have to obtain planning permission in order to secure the sale?

Rest assured, that’s for us – not you - to worry about as we are the land and planning experts. We’ll involve highly-experienced consultants and architects to create a scheme designed to find favour with local planners.

Our relationship with house builders & developers

Our proposition will also be attractive to any property professionals we may want to partner with. Cameron has strong working relationships with house builders and developers, and they rely on us to find them land and redevelopment opportunities. We’d love your project to be the next one we present. Contact us and discover the hidden potential in your home or land.