People buying a house will notice a fantastic choice of new housing developments and brand new homes in our listings. We’re proud to say The Cameron estate agents have been instrumental in bringing each of these to market. Thanks to our end-to-end new homes service for housebuilders and developers.

A focus on people

It’s the people that count in this relationship. Whether you’re targeting first time home buyers, attracting the attention of locals who are in the process of buying a house or want to engage in the help to buy scheme, we help you understand what local demand is, and how to match it.


It’s possible to start a partnership with us from the pre-planning stage. Our land and planning experts can source, value and secure you a plot or property to redevelop, with our support running until completion on the very last home.

Local knowledge and experience

Take advantage of our renowned knowledge of the new build market in Uxbridge, West Drayton and the surrounding areas. You’ll obtain an attractive pricing strategy and give your site a head start with an off-plan launch, all orchestrated by us using our advanced marketing skills, historical data and local insights. Don’t forget; we have experienced negotiators and a database of ready-made buyers primed to super-charge your sales.

Better value for you

Partnering with Cameron has already helped other housebuilders and developers increase revenues and reduce promotional costs.Our skill is tapping into our new homes expertise rather than employing in-house specialists at an inflated price. If you’d like the opportunity to successfully build or develop in our areas west of London, today.