New research from LV= General Insurance has revealed that the majority of landlords in the UK say that they value their tenants’ emotional wellbeing and would be more than happy to help if they couldn’t pay their rent.

Quashing the idea that all landlords are bad, 62% said they want their tenants to be happy living in their property and 60% want their tenants to feel at home. 42% said they would go the extra mile to make sure that their tenants are happy and many landlords are also committed to supporting their tenants financially, 53% saying that it is important to offer value for money on rent. What’s more, 81% even said they would consider offering tenants financial support if they found it difficult to pay their rent.

This stands in stark contrast to the widely held belief of renters that landlords don’t care. Of those surveyed, many suggested that UK landlords have an image for being unsympathetic and profit-driven, with two in five (42%) renters feeling landlords don’t care about their tenants and a third (34%) feeling they lack empathy or understanding.

With renting fast-becoming the norm, LV=’s research aims to help tackle the misconceptions of landlords and promote a more positive relationship between them and their tenants. The insurer has used the research to produce a guide for landlords to help them improve rental perceptions with tenants. Tips in the guide include: always giving notice when needing to access the property, being understanding if financial issues arise for tenants, and ensuring you have the correct insurance in place.

Heather Smith, Managing Director of the LV= Direct Business said: “The housing sector has evolved significantly in recent years, with renting fast-becoming a long-term reality for many people. It’s clear from our research that landlords value their tenants’ happiness and financial wellbeing, but this isn’t being translated to tenants. LV= understands the challenges that being a landlord brings which is why we want to help mend these tenant-landlord tensions.”

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